Calla Granite Paint is the best alternative to Natural Granite Stone for exterior walls. Full of stable pigments and high-tech modified resin, this one-time sprayed colorful Granite Coating can attain 99% degree of imitation to natural granite stones.

When combined with Calla Finishing Paint, Calla Granite Paint literally shines above the rest!

Key Features

Surface Preparation:

Before application, the surface should be fully dry, clean and free from oil, grease, loose particles, dust, etc. :

  • Wipe off any dust, grease or other materials found on the surface
  • Strip/sand all loose particles from the surface
  • If needed, wash down the surface and allow it to dry
  • If the surface was recently coated with primer, ensure that the surface is fully dry.
Available package:


  • Application Method: Spray
  • Apply when Air and surface temperature is between 10 – 35 degrees C
  • Prepare surface as instructed above
  • Dilute if necessary as indicated above
  • Apply 1 coat of Calla Anti-Alkali Primer Completely covering the area to be painted
  • Apply 1 coat of the selected Calla Background Paint
  • Spray apply 1 coat of Calla Granite Paint to attain the final desired look
  • Apply 1-2 coats of Calla Finishing Paint if desired to provide lasting shine and weather protection of the newly painted surface.


  • Calla Granite Paint provides a waterproof & Water-resistant surface that is very durable, easy to clean & maintain. This multi-coat system provides very strong adhesion with surfaces combined with excellent alkali and long-term mold resistance.


  • Stir Well before use and do not over dilute
  • Strain Materials thru a fine sieve if necessary
  • Keep container tightly closed to prevent drying
  • For better performance, used diluted paint within 24 hours.

Storage Instructions:

  • Keep in cool dry space.

After Use:

  • Remove as much paint as possible from spray equipment, brushes and rollers immediately after each use.


Generally, most paints are quite safe to handle with due precautions. As a general rule:

  • Avoid skin and eye contact by wearing overalls, gloves, goggles, and mask etc.
  • Spillage on skin should immediately be removed by thorough washing with water and soap or suitable cleaner
  • In case of contact with your Eyes, immediately flush your eyes with fresh water. Seek medical attention immediately
  • Avoid inhalation of vapors and paint mist by wearing suitable mask. In the event of ingestion, seek medical attention immediately
  • Painting must be carried out in well-ventilated area. Local safety regulations to be followed
  • Keep away from Children
  • Keep away from open sources of fire
  • Smoking, eating, drinking should be prohibited in application areas.

Shelf Life:

  • 12 Months, in Original Sealed Container, with proper storage conditions.


Made in Ethiopia by Callalily Painting Manufacturing PLC

Akaki Kality, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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